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Latest news 23.4.12

Sadly I’ve just heard that I didn’t get selected.  It was a long shot.  However it made me write my art CV and set up this blog as well as now having a potential project to develop so not all bad!

I’ve just put in an application to  Creativity and Craft Production in Middle and Late Bronze Age Europe (CinBA) for their Contemporary Makers Project.  I’m suggesting that I use the craft of nalbindling as my focus.  Fingers crossed.

Nalbinding pouch


29.6.13 – 1.7.13

Pictures GSAS

Well didn’t sell any pictures but it was good to see my work up at the show.


Latest news 23.4.12

I’ve had my six barn doors series pictures selected for the Great Sheffield Arts Show.  Hurrah!  Hope they sell.  I’ve never been before so will go this year to see what its like.

I’ve applied to enter the Great Sheffield Arts Show for the first time this year.  My selection day is 22nd April.  I am entering six of my Barn Door Series.  Hope I get in.