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2.10.12 PX Story: Autumn Plot

Artist Ania Bas  invited me to contribute to PX Story at Parson Cross on Saturday 29th September.

Lyn and Ania at PX Story Autumn Plot

PX Story Autumn: Plot took place on 29th September between 8-11am.  PX story occupied a plot at the Car Boot Sale at Chaucer School (Wordsworth Avenue,
Sheffield, S5 8NH) near ASDA and opposite Learning Zone in Parson Cross.

This gave people a chance to buy first drafts of PX Stories (starting at 5p per story),  to collect their free badge and contribute more tales to the growing PX collection. Ania invited artists Charlie Hill and Lyn Carruthers to explore the notion of PLOT from their perspectives and through their practices.

For more info and photos got to PX Story