‘I like being in ….. Parson Cross’ song sung by the Coversation Cowgirls shortly to be available to listen to on my blog.  This is the end result of the work I did as part of the PX Story: Autumn Plot at Parson Cross in September 2012 at the invitation of Ania Bas.  Waiting to record it at red tape studios to get a decent copy.


I have worked on two chants.

Knitting Chant

In 2007 I devised, with my friend Jill Angood, a knitting chant for my final major project in Art and Design at Chesterfield College.  We recorded the orginal four chants onto a four track with help from a technician at Chesterfield College.  We then added a drone and 2 short pieces to flow over the top of the chant. This version we recorded and edited on Garage band.

Knitting Chant original

We have performed it twice so far.  Once at the Sheffield Socialist Choir Christmas 2008 Open Mike session and at Lauriestone Hall Peoples Centre.

Knitting Without Purpose Performance by Care Less Cowgirls at Lauriestone Hall.

We had the idea for getting people at  Laurieston Hall, over a week, to contribute to our performance through knitting. We started two pieces of knitting and asked people to add to it over a week.



We were really impressed with the enthusiasm and creativity shown.  We were delighted with how people got infected by the whole process.  There was an epidemic of anarchic and creative knitting.  Some even moved into the ‘third dimension’.

We then performed the knitting chant as an audience participation piece whilst modelling the pieces knitted.  Jill performed her poem from snippets of conversation heard from people while they were knitting.

Wool Chant

In February 2012 during a Site Gallery micro-reisdency A Time and A Place I devised, with Ruthie Ford, a wool chant in reponse to the stories that Ruthie collected.  Ruthie had collected conversations of memories of craft including stories of family members who were makers and so on.  The wool chant was written using memorable snippets of these coversations.  The chant was designed to reflected the rhythm of needles when knitting and referenced the meditative effect that knitting can often have on the knitter. Hannah Knights and Heather Gilberthorpe helped Ruthie and I to finalised a version for performance.

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  1. Jill said:

    Enjoyed the pictures!

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