Significance of the Past (installation for Foundation in Art and Design)







The installation created for my final major project.  My knitting chant (see chants page) was playing as part of this installation and visitors were invited to participate and contribute by adding some knitting to prepared pieces.

Statement of Intent from my Final Major Project.

(i) The working title is “Significance of the past”.

(ii) I will be producing/ my aims are:

1. Produce fine art in mixed media

2. To explore communication  with others about passing on stories and/ or knowledge that I feel is important to another generation.  This information may be coded, hidden and reveal itself to some and not to others and may reveal its content over a period of time (or in stages) within objects or rituals.

Colour and texture are very important to me.  During this course I have been on a journey influenced by Artists including Chris Drury,  Andy Goldsworthy,  James Turrell,  Rothko, Joseph Albers and Hilary Bower.   My gran has passed on her excellent homemaking/craft skills such as knitting and sewing as well as sharing her experiences gained over a lifetime.   I am fascinated in intergenerational communication and how important knowledge is passed on from generation to generation through art, craft, story telling and song.

I may start my research exploring intergenerational communication from Aboriginal, Native American Indian and other indigenous peoples cultures.  (See Bibliography attached)

The final piece may include work produced using mixed media such as textiles, metalwork, painting, installations and use materials such as wool, felt, found objects from nature and the environment, and or light.   Processes might include felt making, knitting, sewing, mark making and photography.

My starting point will be to explore my own system of communication initially using methods and techniques borrowed from aboriginal, native American Indian and other indigenous peoples.  I would then like to develop this system further to meet my own requirements and purposes and apply them within my own culture.

I aim to spend some time initially in purposeful play experimenting with materials and the key themes mentioned above.


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