‘We Leaf It Up To You’ Workshop

Wednesday 19 September at 3-7pm.

At Room 1, Shirley House, Psalter LaneSheffield S11 8YL

The Woolly Warriors from Nether Edge Yarnstormers Are At It Again. For this year’s Festival, we are running a workshop to reuse our Yarnstorming hoard.

Just turn up. The workshop is free however we will ask for a small donation to charity for any yarnstoming you take away such as leaf bunting.

Our hoard of knitted/sewn leaves, birds, mice, etc., that decorated the trees in our streets and parks during the Nether Edge Festival for the past two years are ready to re-use.

At the workshop you can come on your own or in a group to use the Yarnstorming items to:

  • Bring and decorate your own item of clothing e.g. a hat, jumper
  • Help us make a banner – celebrating our green and leafy environment
  • Make leaf bunting to take home or use in your group
  • Create a photo booth to be used by the community at Nether Edge Festival Party in the Park and the Street Tree Celebration at the Merlin Theatre

Nether Edge Yarnstormers will be there to help with plenty of ideas and materials. N.B: children must bring an adult with them

What a ‘releaf’ that the Yarnstorming will be going to many good homes!

Info: Facebook @Nether Edge Yarnstormers Twitter @NEyarnstormers

Nether Edge Yarnstormers are back!

at the  NEF_Logo_CMYK 15 – 24th September 2017 Nether Edge Festival –   Twitter @NEdgefestival

Ideas sheets 1 and 2

Ideas sheet 1

Ideas sheet 2

our theme this year is

Trees Are Our Friends: We love ’em and need ’em

tree hugger 3 croppedLast year we made leaves, bunting, bats, mice, birds, etc., to decorate our trees for the Nether Edge Festival.

Follow the Nether Edge Yarnstormers on Facebook and or twitter @NEyarnstormers

This year we’re adding:

Hands and Arms to hug them!

tree hugger for blogg

Thanks Jo for the sample.

We welcome anyone and everyone in Nether Edge to get involved. All ages welcome. For what you can do, see below.

  • Do it yourself:

Knit, crochet or sew a leaf, a creature, or a ‘tree hugger’. (Pattern and ideas sheet available in the collection baskets from Sunday 18th June.)

pink leaf cropped     img_0493     tree hugger 3 cropped        bat

  • Donate to a collection basket from Sunday 18th June (see below):     basket cropped

o   Wool

o   Any odd gloves or old pair of gloves

o   Leave here what you make for us to put up.

  • Do it with others:

o   In a group, make a display on the theme – and contact us for a space to put it up. (Permission for street trees will be needed.)

o   Decorate your own front garden, and get your neighbours to join in. Let us know and we’ll put you on the walking trail map.

Group displays, decorated trees, and front gardens will go on a walking trail map for the Nether Edge Festival Week.

Collection Baskets from Sunday 18th June will be at:

If you would like to know about last years Yarnstorming “A Tree It Seems Just Love to Give scroll down and enjoy browsing.



Please spend 5 minutes completing a survey to give feedback on the Yarnstorming activity here survey

Here’s Jill’s poem and Haiku written as part of the Yarnstorming

Lets Celebrate Our Street Trees

Let’s celebrate our street trees

Filters of exhausted air

leaves dulled grey by dust

roots choked by coke and beer cans

bark -scarred but valiant

Let’s celebrate our street trees

as they raise the green flag for spring’s getaway

sport a blaze of blowzy reds and yellows

to warn us of winter

play host to the dark flying things of night

and the hidden congress of fungi and algae

which lies at the heart of life for all

tempting us to climb up and upwards

into the flickering leaf-light

Let’s celebrate our street trees

sturdy Canutes  against the tides

of tarmac and traffic

their leaves  gently rustling

water into our dreams

Yes, let’s celebrate our street trees!

Nether Edge haiku

Brown ridged bark stubbled

Grey and orange lichen, white

Brackets of fungi


Hosts to the flying

things of night and day, bees

bats and butterflies


Trees flicker gently

Jerky old movies with their

Sound tracks of water


Sputnik flowered tree

strangler, ivy, poisonous

but bee-beloved


Above me the dance of

light and leaves, no stillness

except in my heart


Autumn flounces red

tatters, tossed by the wind, warn

of nakedness to come


Charcoal grey lines, etched

against an egg blue sky, glittered

by overnight frost


Sometimes you hear it

Before you see them, summer

sounds, lime trees buzzing

Jill Angood

As part of the Nether Edge Festival Yarnstorming Sept 2016


Here’s a list of all the items contributed by the public (including Jill and Lyn) photos courtesy of Andrew Jeffrey  and Jill Angood

 450 – 500 Knitted, crocheted  leaves variety size and colour


150 yards of handmade material bunting



4 mini crocheted and knitted leaves and flower buntings

17 metres fingerknitting


24 knitted squares


large, medium, small knitted owls



6 small mutli-coloured mice and 24 grey knitted mice (including three blind mice with their tails cut off)




1 knitted fox 1 metre long


2 crocheted bats

2 large crocheted birds and 1 knitted nest with three eggs


1 knitted woodpecker

woody close up cropped.jpg


1 knitted squirrel



6 knitted and crocheted butterflies



8 knitted/ crocheted flowers small

2 crocheted spiders webs and 2 knitted spiders


4 knitted worms


4 crocheted plums

2 knitted toadstools

deadly nightshade.jpg

8 crocheted bees small to large


1 knitted acorn


3 knitted pieces of lichen


A5 Flyers – 500 distributed through drop of points and appropriate locations e.g. local library and shops


A4 Yarnstorming walking maps 250 printed and distributed as above


Groups visited June – September 14th 2016


Forge Women’s Institute

Cocoa Wonderland knitting group Eccleshall Road

Crafty Friends Strip the Willow Abbeydale Road

Knitting Group Shirley House Psalter Lane

St Andrews Brownies Group, St Andrews Road


Groups contacted who responded June – September 14th 2016


St Oswalds knit and natter, crochet and chat group


Origin of leaves


Knitted, crochet leaves were posted from Norway, Stroud, Lauriestone, Leeds that we know of.


Donations from local businesses/ individuals


30% off wool bought at The Wool Baa for Yarnstorming activities


Coffee, tea, milk, sugar, fresh donuts and biscuits from The Dore Co-operative Food Store for families finger knitting workshop


Free use of vintage Victorian lampposts outside Café#9 for Four Seasons Yarnstorming installation by Lyn Carruthers


Held Yarnstorming baskets for 4 month Oxfam Nether Edge, POPs supermarket Sheldon Road, Café#9 Nether Edge Road, Nether Edge Post Office Abbeydale Road, Strip the Willow South View Road, The Wool Baa Hunters Bar


Design and development of Yarnstorming walking map Abi Goodman local artist/designer


Leaf bunting made and given to local shops for the Festival by facilitator


Oxfam, Wickwire, The Studio hairdressers, Zed’s, Makers on the Edge



A Tree. It Seems Just Loves To Give – James Carter Poem Tree

Yarnstorming walking map available at Oxfam Nether Edge shops, POPs supermarket Sheldon Road, Nether Edge Post Office Abbey Dale Road, Makers on the Edge 555 Abbeydale Road,Cafe#9 Nether Edge Road, The Wool Baa Hunters Bar.

Downloadable maps are available from a Nether Edge Festival facebook page.


Funded by:

y of m logo                    16816-illustration-of-colorful-autumn-leaves-pv

At Nether Edge Festival 16-25th September 2016 help us, local artist Lyn Carruthers and poet Jill Angood, to celebrate the local trees we love.

Yarnstorming activities for knitters and non knitters.            knitting-311789_960_720

All ages welcome.         Facebook        Twitter   

Festival programme and website

Contact us lyncarruthers@yahoo.com

Give us your contact details and we’ll let you know about and keep you up to date with progress.

How to get involved


  • Knit your own contribution to our activity such as leaves, lichen, fungus, birds, birds nexts, beetles, caterpillars,  squirrels, foxes, badgers, owls, woodpeckers, rabbits, worms.  There are free knitting patterns available on the internet.  Here’s a start free knitting and crochet patterns .  Please create your own knitting in response to the theme of celebrating trees.  We’d welcome donations of any patterns you create to share with others.  
  • At local drop off/pick up points
    • donate wool to activities
    • collect patterns and knit a leaf to donate to our yarnstorming event.  (Pattern is below.)
leaves in row vignette

knitted leaves from pattern below


From the beginning of July the wool drop off, pattern collection points will be: Post Office Nether Edge Road, 529 Abbeydale Road, Oxfam Shop Nether Edge, Pops Supermarket 4 S


oxfam basket 1

Drop off/collection point Oxfam Nether Edge


During the Festival in September

  • Come and learn how to finger knit.  It’s fun, easy and you will be part of making something to display locally.  Wednesday 14th September 3.30 – 5.30pm Nether Edge Primary School Families learn fingerknitting.  Fun, easy to make.



  • Help us to put together and display our “creations” in public places.  Friday 16th September 2-4pm Nether Edge Bowling Club assembling “creations” outdoors.  Pick up a walking map at any of the drop off point mentioned above

Final Leaf knitting pattern-1





More information on planned activities:

Free Activities for local people to take part in before and during the Nether Edge Festival. The activities will be co-ordinated and facilitated by Nether Edge artist Lyn Carruthers and supported by Sheffield poet Jill Angood. The theme will be the benefits/importance of having trees/green spaces in an urban environment for our health and wellbeing.

Before the festival from June to September:

  1. Opportunity to donate wool to activities at drop off points in Nether Edge
  2. Opportunity to pick up wool and a pattern from collection points in Nether Edge and knit a leaf/ leaves and contribute it/ them to activity 5 during the festival
  3. Opportunity for individuals and groups (including existing knitting groups) to knit a contribution to yarn bombing activity

During the festival:

  1. Facilitated finger knitting workshop for families ( children and adults) 2 hours in Nether Edge, venue to be decided
  2. A facilitated ‘Yarn bombing’ activity to take place during a specified time and place early on in the festival.
  3. Visitors to the festival and local residents can follow a map to view the finished products of workshop, leaf knitting and yarn bombing activity

Plan for activities with time scales:

June to September 2016

June Nether Edge Farmers Market Launch event and distribute flyers to visitors

After launch event visit/contact knitting groups in area to invite them to take part in activities

Liaise with Nether Edge Primary School re publicity for events and involvement of families

Book venues for finger knitting workshop and yarnbombing activity

Co-ordinate collection of wool and leaves at collection/drop off points

Continue to liaise with knitting groups who are interested in taking part in activities

Preparation for finger knitting workshop and yarn bombing activity

Create some yarnbombing items and start introducing them in to the area with tags advertising the events to come

September at Festival

Run finger knitting workshop for families (children only accompanied by parents or responsible adults)

Run yarn bombing activity

Create a poem or song as a response to the activities

Create and print yarn bombing trail to distribute during festival

Photograph work created







deadly nightshade.jpg

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